About the founder

Rev. Dr. Myrna Thurmond-Malone is a pastoral psychotherapist and received her educational training at the College of St. Elizabeth, Berkeley College, Mercer University, the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC), Columbia Theological Seminary, Higher Impact Training and Counseling (HITC), Anger Management Institute, and the International Association of Trauma Professionals. Most recent training and accomplishment is a second masters in Clinical Psychopharmacology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

In her quest for learning, cultivating and crafting her skills, she pursued additional extensive training in clinical pastoral education, and clinical pastoral counseling and psychotherapy.  She completed 12 months of clinical pastoral education at St. Luke's Counseling Center and Emory Center for Pastoral Services; and 18 months of clinical pastoral counseling and psychotherapy training at Care and Counseling Center of Georgia and 6 months at Health Coach Institute (HCI).  Lastly, she served 3 1/2 years as a volunteer Chaplain and grief and loss counselor at Metro State Women's prison.

She also studied music and law that informs her work with clients.  After working for nine plus years as a paralegal in the field of family and contract law, and volunteering in various outreach ministries she answered the call to ministry and began to work full-time in ministry serving and being an advocate for the voiceless, oppressed, and marginalized. 

Rev. Dr. Thurmond-Malone's integration of her academic and professional training, and personal life experiences grants her a unique outlook on how she understands and offers care for persons who are hurting, distressed, broken, and struggling with their identity.  Utilizing music in therapy, understanding family law, religious doctrine, and psychology provides her another aspect of holistic care for those she serves.


In addition to operating her clinical practice she serves as the Director of Spirituality at Signature Healthcare and has taught Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling within the Atlanta Theological Association (Candler School of Theology of Emory University, The Interdenominational Theological Centering, and Columbia Theological Seminary).  Currently she is an adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University the College of Theology and teaches Spirituality and Christian Values in Health Care and Wellness and Ethical and Spiritual Decision Making in Health Care.  Previously she served as adjunct professor at  the Interdenominational Theological Center where she taught Clinical Introduction to Psychology of Pastoral Care, Embodiment in Pastoral Care and Counseling:  Theological Reflection on Dis/Ability, Marginalization, and Inclusion, and Womanist Theology.  Rev. Dr. Thurmond-Malone's love of teaching, history, and culture allowed her an opportunity to teach American History: An African Americans Woman’s Perspective in Bangalore, India. 

In addition to teaching Rev. Dr. Thurmond-Malone is a member of Selah, a group of African American ordained clergy women post graduates researching self-care practices for women of color.  She is the co-author (Selah) of Daughters of the Desert: The Journey Towards Letting Go, Surrendering, and Trusting God that explores the voices of women of color, their relationship to God, and community and Selah:  Reflections on Sabbath and Self-Care explores ways to implement self-care and rest.  She has also written "Pastoral Care with Addicted Persons," and "Dealing with Habitual Sin:  A Womanist Hermeneutic on the Theology of Sin," and writes for marriage.com.  Her recent publication Midwifing: A Womanist Approach to Pastoral Counseling, Investigating the Fractured Self, Slavery, Violence, and the Black Woman.  Rev. Dr. Thurmond-Malone is currently working on several other research and academic publishing projects.

In the area(s) of:  

Marriage and Family Therapy, she works with couples and families to achieve the following:

• Developing healthy communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal • Understanding the power of listening • Identity • Role • Re-establishing trust within the relationship • Exploring intimacy • Exploring unhealthy boundaries and developing healthy boundaries • Exploring marital myths and developing a healthy understanding of marriage as covenant • Exploring what is and consist of family  


Premarital Counseling

Is designed to help clients understand the wide scope of marriage, and explore the difference between being married, and having a marriage.  


Counseling and Support to Clergy

As an ordained clergy she understands the impact of ministry and the need to have a safe space to explore feelings and thoughts as it relates to you the person.  Creating a space that invites clergy to give voice, express, and work through their life struggles and concerns.  The need to have someone listen and be compassionate toward them, and their needs.  A place where they can receive care, reflect, encounter healing, and safety.



Her work with children, adolescence, and women who have been victimized by forms of violence is approached from a position of empathy.  Most importantly she recognizes they need to feel safe and that she must earn their trust.  With this framework she creates a safe space that allows them to tell, hear, and honor their story.  Appreciative that no two stories, women, or experiences are alike.


Addiction Counseling

In her work with persons suffering from various addictions, she provides a non-judgmental approach that creates a safe space that allows for transparency and healing.


Anger Management Classes and Psychotherapy

Her work with adults and teens around anger is aimed towards getting at the route of their anger.  The classes are designed based on the individual assessment and typically last no more than 12 weeks and are directed at exploring anger and teaching healthy learning skills through the power of choice designed by the Choice-Based Anger Control method developed by the Anger Management Institute.  Psychotherapy is a combination of talk therapy and psycho-education that delves deeper into the individual’s childhood, relationships, and families medical, social, and cultural history and is more in-depth work.  Each approach is designed to move persons to thrive and learn healthy coping techniques and strategies as it relates to their feelings and emotions.

Life, Health & Wellness Coaching

Offering a holistic method to explore one's life, habits, and behaviors and journey with them towards self-discovery, cognitive, habit, and behavioral change.  Life coaching offers active listening, exploration of emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being towards becoming the person you desire to be or become, and health and wellness coaching offers active listening, cognitive, habit, and behavioral exploration, stress reducing coping skills, nutrition education, and a healthy framing to understand food and nutrition.


On a personal note Rev. Dr. Thurmond-Malone is the proud daughter of Mary, and sister of Myriam and Al’Tericke.  She is married to Darcy and the mother of three beautiful children Fontashia, Asante, and Jacqueline.  She has a beautiful personality and disposition that is loving and compassionate.  Her genuine concern for those who are suffering, hurting, victimized, oppressed, and marginalized are demonstrated within her work.  She is committed to working with and empowering women, guiding couples, and creating a safe space where persons who have/are suffering, hurting, victimized, oppressed, and marginalized can express and honor their voice individually or collectively.  Rev. Dr. Thurmond-Malone desires to provide support and journey with individuals, couples, and families who seek healing, wholeness, empowerment, and transformation.


Her motto is The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tiding unto the meek; God hath sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.  Isaiah 61:1

To read more about what Rev. Dr. Myrna Thurmond-Malone offers please visit:  http://myrnathurmondmalone.wix.com/biosketch