Anger Management


The Choice-Based Anger Control (CBAC) method is designed to provide insight and clarity behind an indiviudals expression of anger.  The process will guide persons towards understanding - thus leading each individual to become empowered.  This method demonstrates that individuals have a choice and allow them to manage and control their anger by learning healthy strategies and techniques. 


This framework allows for individuals to take a deeper look at their anger and explore other feelings that may be at the root of their anger.  The design of the Choice-Based Anger teaches each person to explore the power of choice and through making better choices moving them from a position of reactive to conscious decision making.


To understand how a reactive position hinders persons from making the best choice we explore the four arts of making choices.


  • impulsive style

  • listening to other people

  • not making a choice

  • deliberate choice making


Anger Management for Adults


Ages 20 and up consist of 12 Components:


  • Componet 1:  Initial Assessment 

  • Component 2: Understanding the Anger Habit

  • Component 3: My Anger Hot-Spots

  • Component 4: Anger and Self-Talk

  • Component 5: Communication Styles

  • Component 6: Assessing Your Anger Style

  • Component 7: Where Did I Get My Anger?  

  • Component 8: Anger is a Choice

  • Component 9: Stress Management and Anger

  • Component 10: Learning to Take Care of Your Anger

  • Component 11: Invalidation and Validation

  • Component 12: Developing Emotional Intelligence


The Choice-Based Anger Control program for adults may not be suitable for individuals experiencing serious mental health problems.


Initial anger management assessment: $75.00 (55-60 minutes)
Group counseling fee: $75.00 per session cost includes required workbook (12 sessions - 90 minutes)

*Individual Anger Management psychotherapy sessions: $135.00 per session cost includes anger management resources (Sliding Fee Scale Services Available call us at (678) 758-7093 for more information - individual sessions more in depth to get to the root of your anger and explores healthy coping options and necessary life changing methods and approaches).  This option is recommended for persons needing more than a few sessions. 






Anger Management Counseling
Anger Management Counseling

Anger Management Counseling Riverdale, Georgia

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mandated anger management riverdale
mandated anger management riverdale

Anger management mandated Riverdale, Georgia

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anger management counseling
anger management counseling

anger issues Riverdale, Georgia

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Anger Management Counseling
Anger Management Counseling

Anger Management Counseling Riverdale, Georgia

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Anger Management for Teens


A major focus of the Anger Management for teens teaches teens that anger is a normal human emotion and that it's not their anger that is the problem, but how they express anger.  The anger management for teens is explored in an 8-week program designed to educate and empower youth from ages 12-19.  Groups are arranged according to age and broken into four sections 12-13; 14-15; 16-17; and 18-19.


This allows for each teen to explore anger at their development level.  The small group design also helps them to deal with their anger, to use anger management and problem-solving skills, and to discover the coping skills they need to manage their anger appropriately and consist of 10 components.


  • Component 1: Assessment

  • Component 2: What Causes My Anger?

  • Component 3: Anger Triggers and Consequences

  • Component 4: Identifying, Clarifying and Expressing Feelings

  • Component 5: Emotional Intelligence

  • Component 6: Identifying Your Anger Style

  • Component 7: Choosing Your Response

  • Component 8: The Power of Self-Control

  • Component 9: Positive Attitude vs. Negative Hostile Attitude

  • Component 10: Anger Relapse Prevention


Initial Assessment:  $75.00 (55-60 minutes)

Fees:  $75.00 per session (10 sessions) cost includes required workbook.

The Choice-Based Anger Management for Teens program may not be suitable for individuals experiencing serious mental health problems.