Upcoming Events

  • Healing Circle Group Registration
    Fri, Jul 01
    710 King Rd
    Jul 01, 11:00 AM – Sep 25, 11:00 AM
    710 King Rd, 710 King Rd, Riverdale, GA 30274, USA
    8 week group to explore and process grief and trauma. Register for our up coming group between July 1st - July 7th.
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A Word From Our Founder

"...We began the journey of service providing free counseling to women victimized by violence, donating clothing and food to the homeless and HIV/Aids communities, and providing support and volunteering in the prison system and women shelters.  The journey of serving and giving back to the community has been a great joy and humbling experience, and we are excited about the expansion and growth of MHT Family Life Center and the opportunity to provide pastoral counseling and pastoral care to the wider community."





A Holistic Approach to Counseling

Mind, Body, & Spirit

The Journey

Exploring one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and/or actions is the first stage of the journey to achieve healing, wholeness, and transformation.  Here at MHT Family Life Center we journey with you as you explore your story in order to address your emotional distress and/or internal conflict(s). We understand that persons need a safe place to openly explore and reflect on their life experiences. We welcome the opportunity to listen and journey with you.  We are committed to providing each client with support, guidance, affirmation, love, compassion, respect, dignity, non-judgement, and acceptance.


To begin the journey please contact us via phone or text message at (770) 468-7100 or email us at pastoralcounseling@mhtfamilylifecenter.org.

Therapy Session