The Office of Pastoral Care



The EmpowerOne program consit of the Office of Kendi, ClergyCare, and coming soon The Marie Buckner Women's Transitional Housing Facility.  The EmpowerOne program was designed to provide pastoral care to the immediate needs of Clayton County and its surrounding counties. 


The Office of Kendi

provides support in the community through its free mentorship program My Bradah's Keeper and URLOVED group counseling for youth age 13-19.


My Bradah's Keeper

Our mentorship program matches our youth with volunteers to provide them with nurturing, support, and someone who they can develop trust.

URLoved is a support counseling group that provides a safe non-judgment, emphatic, and compassionate care environment allowing our youth the opportunity to explore and address their feelings, thoughts, concerns, and interest.


  • Bullying

  • Recovering from Sexual Assault and Trauma

  • Exploring My Feelings

  • Exploring My Identity

  • Peer Pressure


Cost:  Group sessions are free, however if they require individual sessions the cost is $65.00 for ages 13-19.



provides counseling, support, and training for pastors, church leadership, and others interested in establishing, and developing a Pastoral Care ministry within their church or organization.


Counseling and Support for Clergy and Church Leaders

We believe that it is essential for clergy to receive care as they pour into the lives of others.  In recent years there has been an increase in clergy suicide due to lack of support, no safe spaces, burn out fatigue, and other life stressors.  It is our goal to provide a safe and sacred space for clergy and church leaders to share their feelings and thoughts, in addition to offer an atmosphere that allows them to lament and be replenished in order to carry out their work in ministry.


Certificate Training Program

Our training program consist of 12 sessions designed to prepare and educate pastors, church leadership, and lay persons with essential skills to develop a specialized Pastoral Care department within the church.


The program provides in depth understanding of the wide scope of spiritually-based care-giving skills needed to meet the needs of those who suffer crises and transition within the church.


Training sessions are 90 minutes in length and include the following:


•Defining “Pastoral Care”

•Defining the difference between Pastoral Care, Counseling and Therapy

•Ministry of Presence



•and Relationship between spirituality and psychology


Cost for Training Certificate Program:  $600.00 includes books and training materials.


We look forward to creating space for you, call our office today to schedule an appointment at (678) 758-7093 or email us at for more information regarding our services for clergy and church leadership.


The Marie Buckner Women’s Transitional Housing

facility is our current project that we are working on launching to serve the community. 


If you would like to support or partner with us in this effort, please click on our donate app located on our website or mail us a check or money order to:

6255 Georgia Highway 85

Suite 4A

Riverdale, Georgia 30274


You can also call us at (770) 468-7100 to do a credit card by phone and learn more about our goals to serve the community and women in transition.  All donations will receive a receipt of your gift to file on your taxes. 


The program will offer assistance to women, frequently homeless, as they move from dependent, often abusive relationships, and women leaving the prison systems into independent, self-sufficient  lifestyles. 


The Marie Buckner Women's Transitional Housing Facility will provide transitional housing clients with an eight step program. The teaching and counseling technique will utilize a collaborative approach that assists clients in developing self-sufficiency.


The steps include (1) personal development, (2) counseling, (3) interpersonal skill building, (4) substance abuse prevention, (5) community involvement, (6) leisure activities,  (7) career assessment and training, and (8) sustaining self- sufficiency. 


The training,  counseling, educational, and self- improvement portion of the program will be conducted by trained pastoral psychotherapist, mental health counselors, licensed mental health professionals, trained educators, clergy, and volunteers.