Appointments:  The initial counseling session will last about 1 hour and 50-55 minutes each additional session.  Please call our office to speak with someone regarding scheduling your appointment today at (678) 758-7093 or email us at pastoralcounseling@mhtfamilylifecenter.org.


We offer early morning, evening, and Saturday appointments to accommodate your needs.


Counseling Fees:  We believe that all persons regardless of their financial situation has the right to affordable counseling.  Therefore, we are committed to serving the community by providing affordable counseling to all persons who are interested. 


Our standard fee for individual counseling is $135.00 per 60 minute session and $170.00 per 90 minute session and our marriage/relationship/family standard fee is $150.00 per 60 minute session.  Marriage/Relationship/Family per 90 minute sessions are $195.00.  We also offer a sliding fee scale for individuals/couples/families experiencing financial hardship based on their annual (combined) income. 

Online Spiritual Direction:  We understand that all persons needing assistance are not able to come to our office, so we come to you through our online service.  Online services are $135.00.  We also offer a sliding fee scale for this service.  Contact our office at (678) 758-7093 for more information.  *Some restrictions apply*


  • Premarital educational counseling program cost $135.00 per session and includes workbook *see premarital counseling for more informtion and requirements*

  • Groups $75.00 per person/per session *see group counseling for more information and requirements*

  • Life Coaching $150

  • Health & Wellness Coaching $200

  • Clergy Training and Certification EmpowerOne Program cost $600.00 *see EmpowerOne, ClergyCare* 


Call us today to discuss your situation and determine an affordable fee for counseling.  We honor the opportunity to journey with you in your quest for resolve in whatever you may be facing and look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Evaluation Fees:  $125.00


Acceptable Forms of Payment:  We accept all major credit cards, flexible spending account, HSA (Healthcare Savings Account), cash, checks, and money orders.


Money Orders and Checks are made payable to MHT Family Life Center.  There will be a $35.00 fee for all bounced checks.

Insurance:  We Do Not Accept Insurance. However, we work with  Better  and they assist you with filing a claim for reimbursement.  Visit them at getbetter.com for more information.  Additionally, we offer a sliding fee scale based on your annual income, please email us for more information.  


If for any reason you are unable to make your appointment please call or email us within 24 hours to cancel and/or reschedule or a fee will be assessed.



Standard Cancellation Fee for Evaluation and Individual $125.00 and Married/Relationship/Family $150.00. 


PLEASE NOTE:  All coupon discounts apply to counseling services over $100.00 for new clients only, please contact our office at (770) 468-7100.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you in providing a safe and sacred space to share, explore,

voice, and reflect.  Call us today at (678) 758-7093 to schedule an appointment or email us at pastoralcounseling@mhtfamilylifecenter.org for any questions or other inquires.