Marriage Counseling


Marriage counseling provides guidance, support, and a safe space for couples to explore, examine, and express their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors as it relates to a multitude of discourse and conflicts that may arise in the marriage.  Whether your considering divorce, seperation, or at odds marriage counseling helps each person explore and take ownership of their feelings,  thoughts, and behaviors.  This self-awareness helps couples to engage the problem as the conflict and not the person.  We journey with couples as they learn to listen, hear, and understand one another.


Through the telling, listening, and examining emotions and thoughts each spouse is able to gain insight or understanding into the conflict and improve communication.  Learning how to better communicate is essential for couples as they seek to improve their relationship.


We explore some of the following to help couples move from a place of discord to a position of empathy, understanding, compassion, and clarity towards one another and the relationship.


• Developing healthy communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal

• Understanding the power of listening

• Identity

• Role

• Re-establishing trust within the relationship

• Exploring intimacy

• Exploring unhealthy boundaries and developing healthy boundaries

• Exploring marital myths and developing a healthy understanding of marriage as covenant

• Exploring what is and consist of family  


Our integration of your faith beleif and tradition alongside marriage theories allows for all topics to be explore on multiple levels.  Our goal in addition to providing a safe space and journeying with you is for couples to find clarity, healing, peace, transformation, and restoration and develop an awareness of self, healthier marriage, and/or stronger relationship.


We welcome the opportunity to journey with you.