Traumatic experiences can construct problems from a range of emotional, cognitive, and physical complications.  Trauma victims whether from the experience of sexual, emotional, physical, and other forms of trauma can impact the being of the victim and their ability to function and be in relationship or community with others.  They can suffer from sadness, anxiety, depression, fear, isolation, low self-esteem, worthlessness, withdrawn, flashbacks, and other feelings and behaviors that that hinder them from living their best life.


Here at MHT Family Life Center we meet clients where they are and provide them a safe environment that allows them to explore their experience, thoughts, and feelings.  We provide a holistic approach within the therapeutic encounter that invites their entire being into the session mind, body, and soul.


Through empathic listening we journey with you and are able to hold what you bring to the therapeutic encounter with what we call midwifing.  Midwifing is a therapeutic model of counseling designed by the founder to engage each counselee where they are, provide them a safe space to be transparent and take risk, rebuild trust with themselves and others, and affirm their voice as they seek to gain peace and clarity, and move towards restoration, healing, transformation, and wholeness.